The Turkish Urological Laparoscopy Group (TURKUROLAP) was founded by Professor Yasar Ozgok in 2005, in Ankara, Turkey. This group is composed of urologic surgeons who are particularly interested in laparoscopic urology.

We organized our first laparoscopic urology course in 2005 in Ankara, Turkey. TURKUROLAP attracted great attention very rapidly and many colleagues from different parts of the country have joined our team. Thereafter, we invited our international colleagues to join the team in order to increase collaboration. Since 2005, we have been organizing laparoscopy courses not only in Turkey but also in other countries including Greece, Egypt, Romania, Germany, Russia, Indonesia and Sudan. In addition to many course trainers from Turkey, we have international course trainers from Germany, India, The Netherlands, Russia, USA, Romania, Canada, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom and Dubai.

Laparoscopy courses include both basic and advanced courses and in most of the meetings live surgeries with a symposium has been also included. Dry lab (training-box) and wet lab (hand-on training in the animal lab) facilities in addition to lectures with video presentations have been organized.

We also have our team members who have been dealing with robotic urology. Since 2012, we have also been organizing robotic urology courses and meetings.

In 2013, we established an international platform for laparoscopic and robotic urology. Our main aim is to organize courses and meetings on laparoscopic and robotic urology in order to give training, to carry out joint multi-center and international studies, publish papers, books and scientific documents.

We look forward to welcoming and meeting our colleagues from any part of the world who are particularly interested in laparoscopic and robotic urology though this platform in order to increase collaboration and friendship.